Monday, March 23, 2009

Parents Always Know What is Best For Their Children


Dealing with parents is complicated. They sometimes mistrust us when we are telling the truth. On the contrary, they are occasionally willing to listen to our words, even though we are making up a story. They are gone when we really need them, but they will look for us when we are absent. So, what they really want us to be or to do?

All parents have the same obsessions in parenting their children; they are obsessed to have excellent children; smart, intelligent, educated, discipline, obedient, etc. hence, they’ll do anything to obtain their obsessions. However, their efforts are sometimes stuck at the moment; misunderstood by their children, they missed the technique in dealing with their children and vice versa. In the end it will lead to disharmony in a family. So, what should children do to deal with parents?

Communication is one of fundamental things to do to maintain a family harmony. All members of the family share anything and many things in the communication, using any kinds of media; via phone, sms, e-mail, chatting, etc. The point is “don’t miss any information within a long period of time”. Parents will worry if they miss it. As children we are supposed to start this communication; began with small talk, chit chat, or anything that might be useful to open the conversation, since many parents are not used to do the communication with their parents in their past. Do the communication repeatedly and take a good timing especially when parents are available. 

Trust also becomes one of fundamental things in every relationship including in our relationship with our parents. We have to convince our parents that they have many reasons to trust us, before we ask them to do so. Don’t ever try to tell a lie, be a person of his or her own words and don’t disappoint them for any single reason. Don’t be ashamed to admit your mistakes and faults; human being is not perfect, is it?

Be a good listener 
When your parents are angry with you for mistakes or faults you’ve done, don’t argue with them and listen to them. Once they finished their words, it’s time for your defense. Deliver your words quietly. 

Let your parents know your friends
It is important to make our parents know our friends. Otherwise, they will worry about our activity with friends. Invite friends to our house often when our parents at home, so they can easily meet and know our friends and may feel safe to let you hang out with them.

Show your achievement
Give your parents something special from your ability and success, academically or socially, which can make them happy and proud of you. This is important to convince parents that you are aware of your future and that you will not risk your life for unnecessary things. Hence, when you are going to hang out with friends, they will easily allow you to do so, although with little advice.

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