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Here I proudly present the tips for all lovers all over the world translated from Indonesian Girlfriend magazine (some of it has been modified in some ways).

Hate that I love you when your love track is on pause.

All this moment, what I believed is that you are thinking of a guy all the time. It is totally normal and fun. However, what if you’ve been thinking a guy for quite while and you can’t let him go from your life? Nothing wrong with you guys; your story of love is on pause for a moment. Here are tips to press a play button and get yourself moving on again.

Avoid the rewind

Tracking your past is not absolutely wrong. Something that is hard to anyone is trying to forget someone who has been in life; it’s like asking a child to cut his/her hair. If you are keeping all past beautiful moments in your mind, it’ hard for you to move on, since you are too busy with your past and forgetting what should you face in the future. There is no need to thinking, rewinding, even blaming yourself for what you’ve done in the past. What you have to do is looking ahead for better future you may have.

Fast forward

The problem may come to everyone’s life; nothing is unsolvable. So when your relationship has to end tragically, don’t even think that you and your soul mate will reunite. No matter how perfect you think or dream of something, the point is that the thing will go better if you both didn’t quarrel and end your relationship. Your love is on pause, so push the forward button!


If it is really hard to forget someone who’s been in life, make a deadline to move on. It is fine to remember, to think of, and to talk about him/her for a moment until you come to a deadline you’ve made. When you’ve been through the deadline, you have to promise to yourself to forget anything about him/her. Stop remembering your past and keep move on!

Hit play

This is the best part of the whole moving on process! If you have decided to forget him/her, it’s time to move on. You’ll realize that there are many perfect guys outside. And you know what? When you have found someone new, someone who can beat your heart, you’ll forget what was in your mind. To remember that forgetting someone who’s been in life doesn’t mean that you have to hate him/her; it is beautiful to give your “love” to everyone, even to your enemy, isn’t it?

When you’re on pause

• Make yourself as busy as you can. There are many things you can do for distracting your thought; do your hobbies such as reading, googling, exercising, etc.
• Think of one disgusting thing your ex- had done.
• Remember things happen or don’t happen for a reason.
• Ask yourself, is it what you’ve really wanted, so don’t stress out!

Signs that you’re on pause

• You are checking a horoscope to know if it matches your both condition.
• You are checking his/her facebook to know what he/she is doing.
• You realized that you always compare guys you’ve met with your ex-.
• You mention your ex-‘s name always.
• You still wanted your-ex asking you to reunite.

Before writing the article above, I read the Indonesian Girlfriend magazine a while ago and I found interesting tips I assumed to be meaningful in some ways for all lovers. Then thoughts grew crowd in my mind seducing me to translate and share it to all lovers; "practice your English and your translation skills", "what if my translation is awful and none of readers will appreciate it?", "what if the English version has been published?", "spend your time for all good things you can do in your life", "share what you've read to everyone", etc.
Alright then, "keep them together, make a space for one another!" I shouted. I’ll translate and share it to all lovers no matter how awful my translation is and how good the English version (if it’s been published) is. But hey! I’m glad I could make it. 

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