Sunday, April 26, 2009

How Does The Facts Of Life Go


When I was in junior high school, I imagined spending most of my life with all friends I have. Once we decided and promised to be together all the time and not to forget one another. When I realized that I had to move to Ponorogo, East Java, everything's changed. I had to leave them behind and met other new friends. Once again, I made some close friends, but I had to leave them behind when I moved to Bandung, West Java, to enroll Indonesia University of Education. I have made many close friends here too to share and to hang out with etc. but time flies and the truth comes. I will leave them behind for no time and vice versa. It’s really hard to be through, however it’s a life. Many friends we've spent time with,  will not be around in the next time; friends come and go. To leave doesn’t mean to forget.
Keep in touch all friends you have and don’t hesitate to make new friends. There are abundance of people out there for you to meet and build friendship and relationship with.

We can’t satisfy everyone
When we try to find new friends, there are going to be people that some of them will suit us and some will not; many of them will love us and many will not, and that is fine. This happens not only to a normal guy abut also to celebrity, government officials, charity workers, and so on. Hence, we don’t need to be perfect in anyone’s eyes; we need to be perfect as we are.
Love ourselves and spread our love to everybody; many people will love us someday.

We won’t always get what we want
Optimistic is good and essential in our life. It can drive our effort to achieve something we want. But sometimes we achieve something we don’t want or many things we don’t need. It’s time to be patient, since we won’t always get what we want. However, to be patient doesn’t mean we have to give up any efforts we made, keep trying and striving harder and harder until we come to the goals we intended. Moreover, if we really couldn’t make it, we back to the first step we’ve began, think again to know whether something we fight for is really the only option we want or there are other options out there.
Make as many options as possible. Learn to accept something that doesn’t match our desire. Don’t give up!

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