Saturday, March 17, 2012

How to Answer Reading Tests

There are some questions that require our speed and accuracy in accomplishing a reading comprehension test, therefore; we need an effective and efficient technique. With scanning and skimming techniques, the following steps can be tried in both training and the test.
Scanning is aimed to find only the specific information on questions without reading the whole text, while The skimming is aimed to find a general information of the text without paying too much attentions on its details.

First, preview the text to get a general information with the following actions:
  •      Read the title of the reading text (if any)
  •      Read the first and the last sentence in each paragraph, especially, if there's only one paraghraph.
  •      Read the first sentence in each paragraph (if the text consists of two or more paragraphs)
These are important in elaborating the main idea of the story and are needed in answering questions relating to the general information of the text.

Second, read
directly the text that relates to the asked questions first.
It's possibly performed to answer questions relate to the specific information which is clearly indicated in the text and are commonly about the name, place, date, year, etc..

Third, stop reading text when you've found the answer for the question you are working on.

Fourth, CHOOSE the answer if you are extremely sure. MARK on the answer sheet, a choice that you think might be the answer being asked or if you have any doubts. SKIP if you do not know the answer. Try not recheck the given answers at once, do it after you've finished reading the whole question. (as a time managing technique)

Fifth, read the next questions and do the steps as listed in points 1-4 above.

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